Trailer mounted Fire Pump- MFT 3200 D

Trailer Mounted Fire Pump- MFT 3200 D

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Engine - Diesel Engine
Performance - 3200 l/min at 7 bar

Control Panel
'FIREFLY' make single stage centrifugal Fire Pump directly coupled with Diesel engine through a flexible coupling.
Overall Pump Construction - Gunmetal (Light weight Aluminium available on request)
Fitted with maintenance free Mechanical Carbon Seal.
Suction Inlet - 140 mm British Standard Round Threads (as per IS 902). Other couplings available on request.
Delivery Outlet - Four Outlet with 63 mm British Standard Instantaneous Female Coupling as standard
(as per IS 903). Other standard couplings can also be fitted.
Primer - Highly reliable & extremely fast Exhaust Primer as standard - Capable of Lifting from 7.5 meters suction height within 30 seconds. Maximum lifting capacity is from 9 meters. *Completely Automatic Reciprocating Piston primer also available on request.
Pump shall be fitted with step up gear box of suitable ratio to let engine & pump to run at their maximum efficiency.
Complete unit is mounted on a heavy duty trailer with 2 tyres for surface transport.
Towing hook of 75 mm ID provided with shock absorbing mechanism.
3 or 4 Parking jacks for rigid parking while in operation.
Well louvered canopy for operation in any weather conditions. Acoustic engine cover can also be provided to control noise level.
Stands provided to carry suction hoses along with equipment.
Tool box provided to carry all needful tools.
Flood lamp provided for night operations.
Lifting handles provided to manoeuvre the equipment.
Discharge (LPM)
Pressure (bar)
Suction Lift
3.0 meters
3.0 meters
*Note - Above performance is tested at NTP conditions.
The pump is provided with following controls
Engine Throttle
Pressure Gauge
Compound Gauge
Engine On-Off Switch
Hours Meter
Primer Control
Lube Oil Pressure Gauge
Engine Coolant temperature gauge
Ampere meter
Fuel Level Gauge
4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke Turbo Charged Ashok Leyland make engine provided as standard. Other make (TATA, Kirloskar or any other equivalent) engines can also be supplied on request.
Engine Speed - 2600 RPM max
Water-Cooled. Heavy duty radiator along with closed loop circuit heat exchanger provided as standard for better cooling
Fuel - Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity - 65 litre sufficient to run the pump at rated duty point for not less than 3 hours.
Battery starter provided as standard.
Alternator provided to charge the battery during operation.
Heavy duty Anti vibration rubber mounts gives rigid & vibration free foundation.
Through heavy duty flexible coupling
Very less transmission losses
100% Maintenance free
Capable of handling little axial mis-alignment.
Capable of absorbing jerk loads.

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Operational Safety

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