skid mounted fire pump

Skid Mounted Fire Pumps ( MFS 2400 D )

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Engine - Diesel Engine
Performance - 2400 l/min at 7 bar

Control Panel
'FIREFLY' make single stage centrifugal Fire Pump directly coupled with Diesel engine through a flexible coupling.
Overall Pump Construction - Gunmetal / Stainless Steel (Light weight Aluminium available on request)
Fitted with maintenance free Mechanical Carbon Seal.
Suction Inlet - 100 mm British Standard Round Threads as standard (as per IS 902). Flanged inlet can also be provided as per your needs.
Delivery Outlet - Twin Outlet with 63 mm British Standard Instantaneous Female Coupling as standard
(as per IS 903). Other standard couplings or flanged outlets can also be supplied.
Primer - Highly reliable & extremely fast Exhaust Primer or Completely Automatic Reciprocating Piston
Primer - Capable of Lifting from 7.5 meters suction height within 30 seconds. Maximum lifting capacity is from 9 meters.
Complete unit is mounted on a heavy duty base frame for fixed installation.
Can be supplied with completely closed acoustic cover also
Weight - 750 kg
Compact in design
Discharge (LPM)
Pressure (bar)
Suction Lift
3.0 meters
3.0 meters
Maximum Flow - 2500
3.0 meters
*Note - Above performance is tested at NTP conditions.
  The pump is provided with following controls
Engine Throttle
Pressure Gauge
Compound Gauge
Engine On-Off Switch
Hours Meter
Primer Control
Low Lube Oil Pressure Indicator
Engine Coolant temperature gauge
Ampere meter
Fuel Level Gauge
4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke Ashok Leyland make provided as standard. Other make (TATA, Kirloskar or any other equivalent) engines can also be supplied on request.
Engine power - 76 hp
Engine Speed - 2800 RPM max
Water-Cooled. Heavy duty radiator along with closed loop circuit heat exchanger provided as standard for better cooling
Fuel - Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity - 60 litre sufficient to run the pump at rated duty point for not less than 3 hours.
Electric start provided as standard.
Alternator provided to charge the battery during operation.
Heavy duty Anti vibration rubber mounts gives rigid & vibration free foundation.
Through heavy duty flexible coupling
Very less transmission losses
100% Maintenance free
Capable of handling little axial mis-alignment.
Capable of absorbing jerk loads.

Impresses With

Compact in design
Comes as Ready to install
Can combat fire for longer times
Maximum Flow - 2500 LPM
Maximum Pressure - Up to 10 bar

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