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What to do when pump takes more than 45 seconds to prime or does not prime at all ?

Never run dry for more than 2 minutes. So if pump does not prime in 45 seconds; that means there is some problem.
Check for leakage in suction line.
Check whether dry vacuum remains stable or not.
Suction lift too high.

How to Check Dry Vacuum ?

Close all inlets and outlets of pump and open the priming valve (if provided). Run the pump to achieve maximum vacuum but not more than 2 minutes. Turn off the pump and check whether pump vacuum remains stable or not for 2 minutes.


What to do when pump does not perform the rated performance ?

Check the suction line / strainer for blockages.
Strainer placed very near to the walls of well.
Increased suction lift.

How to detect leaking of mechanical carbon seal ?

Continuous leaking of water from behind the pump body while operating pump.
Dry vacuum does not remain stable.
Remedy – Replace Mechanical Carbon Seal Kit.


How to check oil level of pump & what is the recommended oil for pump bearings ?

Dipstick is fixed in the bearing housing of pump. Maximum and minimum level indication is provided on it.
Recommended oil for pump bearings - SAE 40 / equivalent.

What to do when portable pump does not start properly ?

Check for sufficient fuel level & fuel cock position.
Loose battery / wiring connections.
Apply choke in case of petrol engines.
Check battery voltage.

What is the recommended oil for Fire hawk P.T.O. ?

SAE 90 or equivalent